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  1. The initial investment is non-refundable
  2. Pricing Valid for 7 days from estimate issue date.
  3. Post deposit we will provide yourself/ the client with an ex-factory contract
  4. You are not obliged to proceed with anything until an ex-factory contract is signed and authorised
  5. MBC provides a cost based on the details the client provides us.
  6. The following has not been allowed for unless noted otherwise
    1. Installation of the dwelling
    2. Approvals from local councils
    3. Bushfire ratings / Flood ratings/ Acoustic requirements / Slope stability reports etc
  7. We authorize and give permission to My Bella Casa to arrange the following works if and when required
    1. Arrange an estimation for the manufacturing of the home I have selected with the items selected in this form
    2. Conduct a site Inspection of the land where required
    3. Prepare an Ex-Factory contract to construct the proposed building work offsite
  8. We hereby represent and warrant that I am/we are or ought to be the registered owner of the site and irrevocably and unconditionally grants My Bella Casa and any of its authorized representatives and/or agents the right to access the site at any time for the purpose of conducting all necessary works in preparation of the Ex-factory contract.
  9. We irrevocably and unconditionally guarantee to indemnify My Bella Casa for any loss or damage that My Bella Casa may suffer, or claims brought on by any third party against My Bella Casa relating to My Bella Casa access of the site.
  10. Site specific reports are conducted post contract signing including the following:
    1. Soil Report
    2. Contour Report
    3. Preliminary Assessment
    4. Site inspection
  11. If the site changes in any way such as works undergone on site, any existing structures or new structures added, the client needs to advise MBC and a new soil test and contour report will be required and will be charged by way of variation
  12. I have supplied and/or I will supply MBC with photos of access to the site location; noting the site access may affect the transportation costs available. If this has not been predetermined pre delivery the home; this would be issued by way of variation
  13. I have advised MBC of any potential issues when accessing the site’s location
  14. I am aware that as the dwelling is craned in, our transportation teams need to assess the proximity of the dwelling to any existing structures. This needs to be supplied from the client and confirmed by the transportation team post delivery
  15. No allowance has been made for traffic control, overhead power lines and potential access constraints. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the transport team can access the site and make delivery.
  16. There has been no allowance for an ID survey, if required by council this will be charged by way of variation if required Council fees, infrastructure charges and infrastructure, levy fees have not been allowed for and will be the clients responsibility if required
  17. No allowance has been made for landscaping, skirting around base of dwelling, and or decks unless specified otherwise. Images can be used for display purposes including feature timber, cladding etc. Please refer to your contract plans
  18. Unless otherwise stated, it is the client’s responsibility to obtain all necessary approvals for the dwelling on their land. Some items have been listed as a provisional sum if at all to be confirmed upon knowing site details post soil test, contour report and preliminary assessment post contract signing.
  19. Items will be confirmed by My Bella Casa Design and Estimating team in necessary supply contract upon date of order.
  20. Some items may be subject to availability depending on date and time of order being placed. We are required to assess your site and have plans drawn to confirm pricing for your site conducted by a team of appropriately licensed contractors.
  21. Installation would be conducted by licensed builder – My Bella Casa is not a licensed builder. The client would need to engage a licensed builder
  22. We recommend you do your own research in relation to materials used.


  1. The initial investment as receipt is nonrefundable.
  2. This is an estimate only. A consultant will be in touch post receiving your initial deposit to prepare an ex factory contract My Bella Casa Pty Ltd. shall provide to the Purchaser either New Home Contract or Preliminary Contract Estimate which includes prices for all site-specific requirements based on foundations data when available.
  3. Pricing:
    1. The prices contained in this sales quotation are subject to change.
    2. All prices quoted are GST exclusive unless stated otherwise.
    3. This quotation is capable of acceptance by the payment of an initial deposit as receipted.
    4. In the event that the Home Order is not executed by both parties in 7 calendar days from the date of payment of the initial payment and this is due to factors beyond the control of My Bella Casa, My Bella Casa retains the right to adjust pricing in the New Home Contract in the following matter: After 7 days from initial payment, the New Home Contract price will be reviewed and based on prices applicable at the time the revised New Home Contract is prepared.
  4. The Purchaser acknowledges the following in respect of the sales quotation:
    1. Any non-standard requests are subject to approval by My Bella Casa.
    2. All quantities are subject to confirmation and approval by My Bella Casa
    3. The Purchaser has been made aware that images used, renders & display homes may have options on display that differ from the standard plans and standard specification for the home type being purchased.
    4. The Purchaser has chosen only those options that have been specifically included in the sales quotation. The prices for these options are based on the standard home and may be adjusted if modifications to the standard home have been requested and are approved by My Bella Casa.
    5. The Purchaser has been provided with a copy of the standard inclusions and specifications relating to their chosen home
    6. The Purchaser acknowledges that any options chosen by them may affect the 5-star energy rating of the chosen home and this may have additional cost consequences. My Bella Casa may require price adjustments to any price previously stated or provided in order to reach the required energy rating standard.
  5. All specifications, inclusions, and conditions of this purchase applicable at the time of signing are subject to change without notice to comply with changes State or Local Government Planning and Development legislation and to accommodate changes in market conditions and the availability of materials and labour etc. The Purchaser acknowledges that such changes may alter any price previously stated.
  6. Any entitlement of the Purchaser to any credit or promotion available at time of initial payment, is subject to the Purchaser entering into a build contract and New Home Order with My Bella Casa.
  7. Unless otherwise agreed, no Purchaser may receive more than one credit or promotion available is dependent on date of initial deposit, ensuring the purchaser enters a new home contract within the date specified above
  8. No further changes to the home will be accepted by My Bella Casa, other than those relating to selections, after acceptance by the Purchaser of their New Home Contract
  9. The Purchaser Acknowledges the following in respect of My Bella Casa Renders and images:
    1. All plans, renders, drawings and visual tools are the property of My Bella Casa Pty ltd which is utilised for the sole purpose of My Bella Casa constructing and /or using the dwelling proposed. No other means of use are deemed acceptable of the Intellectual property owned by My Bella Casa, such as approvals or third party builds without the approval in writing of My Bella Casa
    2. Feature floor and wall tiles above the builder’s standard range may be displayed but are not included. Specific items are subject to availability and may not be available at time of selection from My Bella Casa preferred supplier.
    3. Additional internal and external light points and decorative light fittings, specific down lights, security and intercom systems, Home Theatre, and decorative switch cover plates may be displayed but are not included as standard
    4. The quantity and location of ducted heating and cooling outlets, unit size/models, and controller in display homes may differ from the standard home.
    5. Window furnishings, furniture, and décor items feature contrasting paint colours, louvre doors and/ or shutters, door closers, timber flooring and carpets are not included in the standard home.
    6. Some feature walls may have non-standard finishes e.g., wallpapers and upgraded colour selections are not available
    7. Plan sizes and openings may vary in accordance with construction details – refer to standard working drawings
    8. Other upgrades may include items such as landscaping, paving, flyscreens, deadlocks, pergolas, pools, water features, fireplaces etc. are not included in the standard home.
    9. All external timber components will be painted in lieu of stained timber finishes which may be represented on images. Stained finishes will incur additional costs.
    10. Please refer to the current Standard Inclusions document for details of all items included in the standard home for the advertised base price
  10. My Bella Casa reserves the right to use alternative suppliers to those whose products are displayed unless specified as included in the New Home Contract. Please contact My Bella Casa for details of items currently available in specifications
  11. Standard homes may differ from the site-specific requirements needed such as, tanks, bushfire, acoustic, energy efficiency upgrades etc.
  12. In the event of termination of agreement and or contract client must cease use of intellectual property. In the event the client continues to use the intellectual property including plans, strategies and detailed specifics from the business including that of items which originated from my Bella Casa, then my Bella Casa reserves the right to charge an IP License fee at its discretion.
  13. Some items in the images displayed have been upgraded for display purposes and are not included in the standard home including: TV/Audio Cabinetry, decorative mirrors, contrasting cabinetry colours, additional paint colours, cabinetry handles, door furniture, ducting kits, and roof ventilation. Contact a consultant for standard specifications